Interpreting the news

As I mentioned in a previous post I want to write about good news stories as I believe it’s very important to be positive if you want positive outcomes.

If you have a spare half hour this is a very thought provoking presentation on happiness by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert where he talks about the way people interpret information.

Included is an example that illustrates why so many people do the lottery when the odds are so stacked against winning? Basically it’s because winners get a disproportionate amount of news coverage. If every time a winner was announced the losers were also interviewed – it would take an average of nine years to listen to them – and all they would say was – I lost!

I believe because the news is being filled with so many gloomy news stories and predictions this is what people are beginning to believe. But the fact is that no one actually knows what’s going to happen. All the so called ‘experts’ are just giving their point of view. Today on BBC Radio 4 I heard that research released today indicated that 49% of people polled are worried about losing their jobs. This means that 51% are not. OK so it’s only a small majority but it is a majority just the same. Amazing considering the way the mainstream media in the UK are reporting.




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