Will the UK Tourism industry do their best?

I’ve spent the last month travelling around the country delivering workshops and presentations on the subject of ‘How to market successfully in a recession’. 

Throughout my presentations I’ve been upbeat and spoken about the good news this recession is providing for the UK Tourism industry.  For example;

  • The weak pound means that Britain is a cheap destination for visitors from many countries overseas including Europe
  • For the first time in years London is no longer in the top ten most expensive destinations in the world
  • Because travelling abroad is now more expensive for the Brits more of us are likely to take a break closer to home. 

Combined with the fact that petrol prices and VAT have been reduced, this is great news for British Tourism and some organisations, for example the Camping and Caravanning Association, are confidently predicting that 2009 will be the year of the Great British Holiday.


So I was interested to read that Colin Whaley of Center Parcs  has urged the industry not to ‘mess up’ this brilliant opportunity and make sure that they deliver quality and excellent service to make sure people come back again.


You can read more on this story and other travel related news at Travelmole


What do you think? Will the UK tourism industry deliver or mess up?

Send me your good news stories about tourism businesses that you believe are delivering excellent quality and service.  I’d also be interested to hear which ones you think need to up their game!


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