Why the ‘Nano’ break is a No No and the benefits of working with me to create a Lotano! – A blog that should interest most tourism marketing professionals!


I hope tourism providers and marketers throughout the UK are doing their utmost to counter the reported rise in the so called ‘Nano’ (one night) break reported in the Daily Telegraph earlier this year.


The report published on The Daily Telegraph’s website used figures provided by hotels.com that showed a 29% increase in the number of Britons searching for one-night breaks in January – compared to the same month last year – with searches for single-night, weekend stays up 140% in Brighton, 82% in Edinburgh and 143% in Bournemouth. Single-night breaks in London were also up by 20%.


I personally think the Nano is a no no – even in these difficult financial times – and would have thought any marketing professional worth their pay cheque should be able to persuade  their target markets of the benefits of a Lotano (Longer than a Nano) in their destination or hotel.


If you’d like some help persuading your target market why a ‘Nano’ is a ‘no no’ contact me today to find out how I can help your business sell longer stays in your destination or accommodation!


If you prefer to help yourself, check out the excellent recent research provided by Visit Britain into consumers’ attitudes towards holidays and which identified that marketing should not simply be about cutting prices (or encouraging Nano breaks!), but instead should appeal to differing needs.

For example promotions should be;

  • Enabling – providing access to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a trip – for example providing 2 for 1 offers or encouraging token collecting, by partnering with complementary brands.
  • Enhancing – improving the experience (not necessarily at a lower price) and which typically appeals to more affluent individuals – for example promotions such as free spa treatments included in the accommodation price, room or travel upgrades, free games for children in restaurants, daily local event bulletins and Wifi.
  • Stimulating – eye-catching promotions to encourage more spontaneous activity and to encourage those people not currently thinking about taking a break. Hooks could include major and minor events, activities that appeal to people’s hobbies and interests e.g. cookery/photography/painting courses or that provide an opportunity to meet local people and enjoy ‘local’ ‘unique’ experiences.  Things to stir the imagination and to prompt action
  • Self-Justifying – any type of promotion can meet this need, which is less to do with motivation than removing any guilt at being indulgent at a time of recession. Promotions need to allow people to justify spending to themselves and others – e.g. because you deserve it! Because you’re worth it!



There are lots of innovative promotions that I’ve come across recently that are providing enabling, enhancing, stimulating and self justifying messages that will encourage people to travel in our fantastic country. If you have produced innovative campaigns that you’re proud of and are willing to share, send them to me and support the campaign to say no to the Nano and yes to the Lotano!


And remember ‘It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit’ Harry S Truman


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