#TWhitmeet for home business owners

If you work from home in Whitstable or nearby there will be a #TWhitmeet in Chives Café at The Horsebridge Arts Centre this Friday 22 Jan from 2-3 pm.

This is not a business networking meeting in the traditional sense but hopefully will provide the opportunity for people to make connections, share ideas and inspiration and provide motivation for one another. I love being my own boss but need and like to meet people regularly, to discuss my ideas and to get feed-back and to hear what other people are planning. If you feel the same and you’d like to come, please do, and don’t worry about coming alone.

I originally decided to organise as a way of meeting some of the people I’ve met through Twitter but will also be inviting other creative people I’ve met locally who don’t tweet – yet!  There is no agenda but please buy a cup of coffee or tea (and a cake if you’d like!) if you wish to join us.

I will write #TWhitmeet on piece of paper on my table so you will know where to sit! If lots of people turn up we will probably spill into the workshop room next to the café.  There will also be a new art exhibition in the main gallery at The Horsebridge so do call in and have a look if you have time.

If you can let me know you are coming that would be great too.

Email me at catriona at createinkent dot co dot uk or DM me on Twitter @escapetocreate

I look forward to meeting you.


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