What is the #365creativechallenge?

The #365creativechallenge is a twitter campaign I started on 1st January 2011. Its aim is to encourage you to take up the challenge to participate in at least one creative activity every day, for 365 days, and to tweet what you do using the hash tag #365creativechallenge.

It’s hard to find the time to be creative and to tweet every day so don’t feel that you have to! Maybe just challenge yourself to tweet 365 times over a two or three year period.

I decided to start the campaign as I wanted to do more creative activities  in 2011 and by challenging myself – very publicly on twitter – I think it will help me do this! I’d also like to get the hashtag #365creativechallenge trending on twitter to show how important creativity is in our lives. It should also help bring creative people together.

I’d also love it if everyone living and working in towns and villages on or near Kent’s coast (in south east England) could take up the challenge to show just how creative this part of the world (where I live) is. If you can squeeze #kentcreativecoast onto your tweet as well that will be great!

The campaign seems to be capturing people’s imagination and already lots of  people are starting to tweet about their creative activities every day using the hash tag #365creativechallenge.

If you are a creative practitioner, work in the ‘creative industries’ or are a student on a creative course it should be easy for you to take up this challenge. If you aren’t any of these I’m hoping it might provide you with the inspiration to get a bit more creative!

I know I’m at my happiest doing creative things and so, in 2011, I’m planning to get up an hour earlier every day so that I can enjoy at least one creative activity every day whilst also doing my work that pays the bills.

Creativity for me includes drawing and painting, playing the piano, cooking, gardening and writing. It will mean different things for you.

There are no prizes. Sorry.

You can start whenever you like. It’s your challenge.

So go on, start tweeting about the creative activity you undertake each day and use #365creativechallege

If you aren’t already using http://www.tweetdeck.com I’d suggest you download it as you can then create a column to follow #365creativechallenge

I look forward to reading your tweets.

PS If you are reading this blog and have no idea how to use Twitter send me an e-mail at catriona@createinkent.co.uk and I can send you some tips.


4 thoughts on “What is the #365creativechallenge?

  1. #365creativechallenge gave me a reason to start tweeting. As a visual artist, I can be short of words, but have plenty of photos showing what I am doing and it is a great way to direct people to my website. I find twitter brilliant for creating marketing opportunities, find info and connecting with like minded people.

  2. What a brilliant concept! I love this. After starting and realising how much I was not honouring my creative side, February has been a revelation for me. I started blogging three times a week (with the help of a blogging group) and knitting. I am now the proud owner of a cushion cover and a blog that I know more about and love a lot more!

    Creativity rocks! I shall hopefully be joining you for nearly all the 365 days!

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