Passionate about the power of Twitter

I love Twitter. There I’ve said it.

I’ve always been the kind of person who sent e-mails (and notes and letters in the olden days) saying ‘Have you seen this?’, ‘Do you know about x?’, ‘I think you’d really get along well with Y’ and so Twitter is just perfect for me.

I love the opportunity it gives to individuals to have a louder voice; the fact that it is so easy to connect to people with similar values and interests and the way it is helping to create new platforms for people with really interesting things to say. Twitter is also being used by people who already have a loud voice, like Barak Obama who announced his victory in the US presidential elections on Twitter. His ‘Four more years’ tweet is likely to be the most retweeted tweet to date!

Not everyone I ‘meet’ on Twitter is someone I’d want to meet in person and not everything I read on Twitter is interesting but I’m prepared to put up with spam followers (who are easy to block) and the occasional rubbish tweet in my timeline as the upside is that I have learnt so much and connected with some wonderful people, both on and off-line, as a result of being on Twitter. These people not only live in my home town of Whitstable – which has a fantastic, highly engaged tweeting community, but also much further afield in the UK and overseas.

I’m really passionate about encouraging as many people as possible to use Twitter to help promote their business too. I’ve seen the power of this social networking platform for my business and get all of my marketing consultancy work as a result of my Twitter presence these days. As @escapetocreate I mainly tweet about creative pursuits and happenings taking place in Kent’s coastal towns and Canterbury and encourage people to visit these destinations. I’m building the Kent’s Creative Coast brand amongst target audiences, plus an extensive mailing list, at no cost, apart from my time. In October 2011, working with poet Dan Simpson I used Twitter to encourage people to tell us what they loved about the Kent coast, as part of Kent’s Coastal Week and Dan then produced a poem using our followers’ responses. You can hear Dan read the poem here.

I’ve also used Twitter to help sell properties in the development of a former Methodist chapel in Faversham where I tweet as @abbeychapel and raised money for Trust Sulha by promoting the raffle of a dolls house and recently started a Twitter account for Spacemaker Architects where I tweet as @spacemakerarch alongside Adam and Louisa.

I’ve been running lots of Twitter training workshops in Kent; for people involved in the tourism industry; for artists and performers, writers and other creative professionals; shop and restaurant owners; social enterprise owners, school marketing execs and even for someone working at a cathedral. I also provide one-to one tuition for senior managers who want to stay ahead of their teams on request.

If you’d like to find out how to make the most of your presence on Twitter send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the details about dates and venues for my workshops in 2014. They’ll be highly interactive and good fun too. You’ll find out why being a good listener is as important as being a good tweeter and why being successful on Twitter is not about getting the highest number of followers.

You can also read what some participants have said about my training on the ‘Testimonials’ page on this site.


2 thoughts on “Passionate about the power of Twitter

  1. I love it too. I enjoy the creative and intellectual challenge of trying to say something meaningful, clever, amusing in 140 characters. The ability to hook up with a variety of people, especially with common interests and converse with people all around the world. I get a kick out of one person I’m following, who laughs at my jokes – someone in media I have tremendous respect for. One of my twitter accounts is for the Broadstairs Town Team, and I believe I have helped us gain a presence through following threads, and always promoting our town or businesses, or people. I’ve won a town benchmarking consultancy worth £1000 from ATCM through Twitter – the execution of which has gained enormous respect for our town team from our district council. I’ve lobbied our MP over VAT hikes and through that have a letter from the treasury stating they won’t be increasing VAT soon. I’m not a PR expert, purely an amateur, but have had some satisfying wins for our team and my business through the power of Twitter.

  2. My love of twitter ebbs and flows. It’s a very crowded space and sometimes I like to retreat into the more comfortable space of Facebook, where most of my ‘friends’ are real friends, many longstanding. Twitter is a bit manic at times.

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