Selling art on-line

Are you interested in selling your art or crafts to a wider audience? Do you want to attract more buyers to your exhibitions? Are you prepared to put in the work to market your work on-line?

If you have answered yes to these questions you’re invited to join me at two highly interactive workshops that will help you to find new audiences for your art via the internet.

The first workshop will help you to;

  • confirm your artistic style to help you develop a ‘brand’ for your art
  • describe and find your target audience and how to reach your buyers on-line
    The different options to help you to promote your art on-line
    – Taking photographs of your work
    – Pricing of your work

At the end of the workshop you should be clear about how to describe your art to potential buyers, will have learnt about some of the websites where you can sell your work and understand how to set up a simple website to sell your work.

The second workshop will help you understanding how social media can be used to help sell your art and will include;

Outline of the various social media platforms and advantages of each for selling art
– Ideas about how to present your work through social media
Suggestions about how you can engage with your audience on your social media platform of choice
– Using Twitter to develop an audience for your art
Adding a blog to your website – ideas for content

If you are interested in participating in future workshops that will be held in the East Kent area please contact me for more information at

I’ve been running workshops in Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury and have had brilliant feedback;

“Thank you so much for inspiring me! I feel much more confident to use social media and to engage with others who use it too. I’ve already been asked to show my paintings as a result of a tweet, thanks to you!”

Mandy Broughton – Artist and Director of Beach Creative in Herne Bay

“Thank you for the excellent workshops on how to sell art on-line. I certainly learnt a lot and have started to put some of your advice into practice. I have also taken on board you recommendation re the content of my blog.”  Wendy Murray

“Thank you for an inspirational workshop, my brain is buzzing and it’s exactly what I needed: to focus on what I do and how others see my work”

“All very helpful including the branding idea”

“Excellent workshop – has given me loads of ideas to improve my website”

“I found all the information about the various websites where I can sell my work particularly helpful”

“I can now see the benefit of using social media to sell my work.”

“I now feel confident I can create my own website.”

“Both workshops have given me lots to think about re re-branding my art.”

You can read more about my skills and experience here.